What Type of Organic Eggs Am I Buying?

What type of eggs should I buyIf you’ve ever wondered about what those new organic-y sounding descriptors are for eggs, you’ve come to the right place. I’m always forgetting the nuances and decided to finally write this to remind myself. This is a handy summary of the types of chicken eggs that you can buy at your local grocery store or farmer’s market:


  • Chickens are kept outdoors (I’m not sure if this includes at night, when they’d be very susceptible to predators),
  • Eat grass and bugs (not a vegetarian diet, which is not natural for chickens).
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Fava: Making Hummus from Fava Beans

Kalamata Olive Fava HummusWho: Fava, a San Francisco-based food maker

What: Their Fava Hummus and Fava Hearty Dip

Where:  At the Alemany Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, and other Bay Area natural foods stores. Look on the Fava website for a complete list of stores where their products are sold.


  • Fava beans (that are actually peas) are the garbanzo bean of Egypt, and no one else has introduced this ethnic food item to the American eater
  • Fava beans are a nutrient-rich legume, that are high in protein and dietary fiber, and low in fat
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Nutrition Diva Podcast: Giving Foodies the Real Scoop

Nutrition DivaWho: Monica Reinagel is the Nutrition Diva, which is part of the Quick and Dirty Tips series of podcasts and newsletters.

What: Her podcasts. I discovered them on iTunes, and you can also access them from her website.

When: At least weekly. She’s got a newsletter and the podcasts.

Where: iTunes or her website, nutritiondiva.quickanddirtytips.com.


  • She debunks nutrition and healthy eating myths. Since she’s a licensed nutritionist AND a professionally-trained chef, I figured she’s more qualified than me and my healthnut friends. Living in San Francisco, it’s easy to jump on the hearsay bandwagon on latest food trends or admonitions without really understanding the real deal.
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Easy One Dish Dinner: Jambalaya

Rachael Ray - Everything Jambalaya

Who: Rachael Ray, host of 30-Minute Meals on The Food Network

What: Her Everything Jambalaya recipe


  1. For solo cooks that don’t have time to cook from scratch every evening, but still want more control over what goes into their meals.
  2. The flavors get better over time, so they make for delicious lunch leftovers.
  3. This is an easy jambalaya recipe and you don’t have to be a New Orleans native to make it taste great
  4. It’ll make you feel as if you’ve accomplished more in the kitchen than if you just used a seasoning packet
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