Q: Getting a great value for brunch

225 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 752-2298

Reviews on Yelp (I couldn’t find the restaurant in CitySearch using its 1-letter name. But search engine functionality is not what this blog is about.)

What brunch place could I compare Q to, in order to make my point that their brunch menu is worthy of a visit? It’s not a typical diner or greasy spoon. They provide an unpretentiously hip spin to traditional fare, without going overboard in the gourmet category. So perhaps, a slightly more budget-friendly and funkier Ella’s? Or Hobee’s?

(Don’t get me wrong, I love Ella’s. But I don’t go there for value. I go there for “fresh squeezed blood orange juice” and “homemade cruelty-free sausage”….ok, kidding about the sausage but I don’t go there for bargain eating. As for Hobee’s on the Peninsula…I love their food too but paying >$10 for some of their brunch items causes me to raise an eyebrow.)

Upon a visit last week to Q, I had the corned beef hash. So that’s an example of traditional fare, but it was definitely not the old hash out of the can. The corned beef was fresh, and so were the potatoes. The entree also came with a side of toast. The total dish was large enough for me to bring a small portion home. And the price, from what I recall, was fair, under $10. Perhaps even $8. This is a fair price for brunch, my friends.

My companion had a veggie/southwestern omelette. He liked it though there appeared to be more corn niblets than egg at one point near the end of the meal.

The atmosphere is laid back and unpretentious in a colorful setting. The noise level was fine, and seating was fairly prompt.

If you want something fancier than plain toast and some diner-style eggs & frozen sausage, which you can cook yourself for <$3, Q provides great value for the quantity & type of food you get!

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