Choosing Cooking Oil

Ok, so most of the survey respondents said they want to read more restaurant reviews and easy home recipes. So I guess that means most of you think you know your cooking tips, eh? Well here’s one for the small set of you that care about what cooking or frying oil you use.

A med student has a blog called Diethack and has some suggestions on how to cook oil the healthy way, and discusses the different types of oil you can buy.

The first part of the article gives you the basic cautions about over-indulgence in cooking oil. Yeah yeah, let’s get to the good stuff.

The latter section talks about all types of oils. Who knew there was an avocado oil available? Or that some are best kept in the refrigerator? I’ve used sesame oil before for sauteeing – oops! For a tip on what type of extra virgin olive oil to select, Diethack suggests…

…to purchase by color, not by price. Bright green oils are peppery and a little bitter, while yellow oils are warmer and have a buttery flavor.

I guess I shouldn’t be buying the 5 gallon vat of olive oil from Costco to save a few bucks then, eh?

Do you agree with the future doc’s evaluation of the oils? Any particular experience or recipe for a salad dressing or meal that you’ve made using one particular oil over another? Let us know!

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1 Response to Choosing Cooking Oil

  1. Gyanish says:

    Hey thanks a lot for linking to my article! 🙂

    Actually you need only two kinds of oil. One for the dressing of your salad and one for cooking. So two gallons of of oils will still save you a few bucks! 😉

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