Grubgirl Plans for 2008

You want to read more recipes and dive reviews, you’ll get them for 2008. I’ve found that trying to coordinate schedules with my friends who want to do some research with me may not always work out, which means that you the reader (and my stomach) suffer.

I would love to investigate a new (to us) dive each weekend, assuming the establishment is open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This may mean less investigation of weekday downtown San Francisco lunch dive finds – if you’d rather read about those, please speak up in the comments. For those weekends where I’m not able to make it to a new place, I’ll beg one of the gang for a recipe to try.

What I will probably do is choose a location for each week, email the grub posse, and see who’s up or it. If our timing doesn’t work out, then I’ll venture to the establishment myself. The show must go on, right?

Up in the queue for 2008, are the following types of places. (Names of the establishments have been withheld to create some sort of suspense.)
* burritos in Glen Park
* Vietnamese in the Tenderloin
* soul food in the Tenderloin
* soul food in Dogpatch (not where you think…we already reviewed that place)
* Mexican breakfast in Bernal Heights
* Filipino breakfast in Colma
* Caribbean in SoMa
* Thai in the Sunset

Any of these sound more enticing than another? Let us know in the comments!

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