About GrubGirl

The Head GrubgirlBased out of San Francisco, CA, my friends and I explore cheap eats and bargain bites in the San Francisco Bay Area, discuss grocery store or food bargains, and provide frugal cooking tips so you can make that tasty meal at home.

What truly makes a bargain? How do you define value? Everybody’s different, but readers of this blog look for:

  • Food that provides great taste and big portions without denting your wallet. Maybe some of you have less constraints with your food budget, but still love a deal at restaurants.
  • Recipes (from friends, other sites, or cookbooks) that describe easy, achievable, and quick meals for the person (or family) in a hurry or on a tight budget.
  • Longevity in the bargain so that they can return to it often. You won’t see too many expiring or short-term deals here unless they’re too good to be true. There are enough other food-related blogs out there that handle food deal news.
  • The thrill that comes from the love of the hunt and discovery of a restaurant off the beaten path. (Do your eyes sparkle when you find a filling, tasty meal where 25% of your bill isn’t going to help subsidize the restaurant’s rent or decor?)

Discover some hidden gems of the bargain bite world, share amazing food deals that you’ve found, and celebrate the fact that even in Silicon Valley we can still find great values in cheap eats.

All for grub. Grub for all.

Disclosures: Starting in 2011, Grubgirl blog posts will note how we heard about whatever we’re writing about. Most of the time we discover things on our own, sometimes we get samples to review (like cookbooks), and we get the occasional press release. (If the restaurant can afford to put out a press release, it probably ain’t a dive or a bargain hunter’s dream, so be forewarned that chances are slim that we’ll be writing about it.)

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