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IKEA Free Breakfast – Memorial Day Weekend 2009

This is the third IKEA Free Breakfast that I recall this year – make sure you get your free breakfast (and coffee) coupon, and make sure your location will honor it. Dates are May 23, 2009, – May 25, 2009. Note that the value of the breakfast is $0.99, so that’s either a tiny portion or pretty heavily processed. (For what it’s worth, I won’t complain about this. IKEA seems to be able to handle these free food giveaways much better than the recent Grilled Chicken giveaway fiasco by KFC.)

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Oprah’s KFC 2-Piece Chicken Coupon

I got me a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new Grilled Chicken the last time they were giving it out. The skin’s still on the meat, and it’s grilled, which makes it still pretty crispy (and very salty), and the chicken is still juicy. So if you missed out last time, Oprah’s promoting a free KFC coupon that’s hot: 2 pieces of chicken (chosen by the manager), two sides, and a biscuit…for FREE! Anytime from now until May 19, 2009, except for Mother’s Day. 

Now that’s a deal that GrubGirl can dig.

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Pollo Loco – Free Chicken Tortilla (Buy 1 Get 1)

Another free fast food giveaway. Ok, this one is not entirely free. You’ll have to spend money to get an extra benefit, but if you’re a fast food frequenter anyway, this one’s up your alley.

Participating El Pollo Loco locations are taking a coupon for their Grilled Chicken Tortilla Roll. Offer expires April 30, 2009. The portion size here could be quite small, but if you live or work near one, why not?

(It doesn’t look like there is a location in San Francisco, but East Bay and Peninsula residents will be in luck. Make sure you use their Restaurant Finder to confirm.)

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Chinese New Year & China Food Contaminations

Since I’m on the topic of food poisoning, another news item I heard today was about the usual inventory of Chinese New Year snacks that are usually hitting Asian grocery stores like Ranch 99. Some grocers are getting these snacks from other countries, like Vietnam, instead of China, where there have been delays due to health inspections of Lunar New Year food. (I think that’s what I heard on the radio…let me know!)

You wouldn’t want to be eating your fried shrimp chips and thinking about how they may contain melamine, do you?

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