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Salmonella and Peanut Butter…Again?

Maybe this hasn’t made it to your ears, but there’s a little salmonella outbreak happening again, and 42 states are affected. California has had 55 reported cases of this since the holidays, and the AP reports that some food service peanut butter’s been linked to the case. What’s this mean for you? The jars of Skippy you buy from the grocery store should be ok, but if you eat at a cafeteria that makes its own peanut butter cookies, I’d stay away for a little bit.

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Urban Dictionary: Slang Terms About Food

I’m a fan of the Urban Dictionary, which breaks down urban slang for those of us too old to know first-hand what things like “shorty” or “hollaback” mean. Recently they’ve listed a few food-related terms that I found quite amusing:

econnoisseur: One who insists on the highest quality at the lowest price.

Now that’s the GrubGirl audience!

Another one:

salsa f***ed: This phenomenon occurs when dining at a Mexican restaurant with a large group and the salsa is not distributed evenly throughout the table. The areas of the table that do not have ample amounts of salsa are “salsa f***ed.”

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PJ’s Oyster Bed – Ratatouille Rats

As the comments do note, this little health code violation has been cleaned up. But компютриvermin photos from Eater SF are always a nice thing to see. Now is that really a rat in the grainy photos or a fuzzy mitten or glove? You decide… (sort of like Dick Cheney and the naked woman reflected in his sunglasses.)

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Grubgirl Plans for 2008

You want to read more recipes and dive reviews, you’ll get them for 2008. I’ve found that trying to coordinate schedules with my friends who want to do some research with me may not always work out, which means that you the reader (and my stomach) suffer.

I would love to investigate a new (to us) dive each weekend, assuming the establishment is open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This may mean less investigation of weekday downtown San Francisco lunch dive finds – if you’d rather read about those, please speak up in the comments. For those weekends where I’m not able to make it to a new place, I’ll beg one of the gang for a recipe to try.

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