Ichiban Teriyaki – Good Value for a Downtown Japanese Lunch

Ichiban Teriyaki
5 Stevenson Street (off First, near Market)
M-F 10:30am – 3:30pm

Come to this nondescript-but-busy space on a side street off First St., and you’ll get big portions of fresh protein for your lunch.

I’ve eaten their Chicken Teriyaki plate ($5.48) which includes 1.5 grilled chicken breasts (I counted) on top of a bed of rice, with some tempura vegetables and your choice of a tiny green salad or steamed vegetables. Bascially it’s your usual square white styrofoam container, with one big entree area, and 2 smaller side order areas.

My accomplices have also tried the following:
* Salmon Teriyaki ($6.91) – Though this is out of the usual GrubGirl price range, my friend said that the piece of salmon was darn larger than what she usually gets in the higher-rent restaurants.

* Unagi Don ($5.76) – This is that grilled eel, but on top of rice, with trimmings. And it’s a big piece, too, from what I hear. (Unlike the other “Don” dishes, this appears to come in a box.)

They also serve “bowls,” which I tried (Katsu Don, aka Pork Cutlet Bowl – $5.30). Needless to say, I immediately noticed a decrease in portion size. Though I’m not sure how much Pork Cutlet is served in a regular “boxed lunch,” I noticed that my bowl only got one cutlet (versus the 1.5 chicken breasts in the boxed lunch).

Vegetarians will have to try the Tofu & Steamed Vegetable Teriyaki ($3.92) and tell me if it’s still filling for a <$4 lunch.

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