Haleem at Shalimar

For those of you meat-eaters looking for a more unique menu item to order at your local Indian/Pakistani restaurant in the Tandoor-loin, make sure you get the Haleem ($6.00) at Shalimar.

Haleem is a Pakistani-based, porridge-like blend of lentils, barley, kick-in-the-pants spices, and crock-pot tenderized roast beef. Believe me, this takes hours to prepare (been to Pakistan, ate it, tried it at home, won’t ever again…well maybe…). Once the meat has been crockpotted to tenderness, it’s then pulled apart (like shredded chicken). Some of the meat is blended with the lentils and the fresh beef stock, which creates that porridge-like texture and the rich taste. The remainder of the shredded beef is left as is, so you vegetarians can tell that some beast comprises the ingredients. Give it a try, let us know what you think!

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