Woodhouse Fish Co. vs. Elite Cafe – $1 Oyster Happy Hour

OystersWoodhouse Fish Company’s newest location on Fillmore Street is offering a $1 Oyster Happy Hour on Tuesdays from 4pm – 10pm. They sell a variety of oysters regularly, but during that time, 1 particular type is available for $1 each. Their latest spot is in what was once euphemized as “Lower Pacific Heights” but now resembles the trickling down of yuppiedom towards Geary and the ‘Hood. When I went to check it out last week, the place was packed and I saw quite a few grubgirls dining on oysters only.

I also got word from SF City Dish that nearby Elite Cafe is offering their own oyster happy hour, too.  This one is every (week?) day from 4pm – 6pm and offers a few types: Hama Hamas and Steamboats for $1 each, Kumos for $2 each. Their goal is probably more focused on helping you with some nice drink pairings.

A bit of a tug of war perhaps, or unintentional timing in a month where no “R” exists in its name? The restaurants are practically across the street from each other. One has a very limited window when the special applies (Elite), but there’s more variety, and it’s available on more days. The other (Woodhouse Fish) has a longer windown on just one day, and only one variety. Which one is better value for you?

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