CoupRecoup: Where To Look For Great Restaurant Deals



What: It’s like Craiglist meets Groupon (or LivingSocial, or SocialBuy, or homerun, or TownHog, or FreshGuide, or…), a secondary market where people who bought coupons from those aforementioned sites can re-sell them.


  • I like it because I can look for food bargains without the 24-hour (or less!) stress of those coupon sites. (I also can’t keep up with the daily emails that subscribing to all these coupon sites generates, and it can be a coordination nightmare to see who is up for partaking in a dinner deal.)
  • Sometimes the people selling the coupon are selling at less than what they bought it for! Now that’s a bargain I like.

For those of you that still like bargains but aren’t overly consumed by the impulse shopping of the coupon sites, take your time and check out what’s for sale after the sale.

Some Example Deals: As of this posting, there are coupons available for food at Moshi Moshi in Potrero, Kasa Indian Eatery, Globe, Panam, Morac, and a certain Mexican market that I won’t mention because I’m going to get that deal myself, right now!

Editor’s Update: Yes, people selling their coupons can also attempt to charge more than what they originally paid for it. I personally look for a better deal than that, but I can see where a deal for a popular hotspot could warrant a higher price tag.

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2 Responses to CoupRecoup: Where To Look For Great Restaurant Deals

  1. Susannah says:

    Loving the idea and can’t wait to partake in the action. Only thing is, they don’t seem to be very specific about payment — does one meet up and exchange cash for coupon in person? Sounds like you’ve done it before, so I thought I’d ask!

  2. Grubgirl says:

    In my case I was able to use Paypal, get the PDF of the groupon From the seller via email, and used that. I think that part is vague on purpose depending on the trust level of the buyer. In the end I think the buyer needs the specific coupon id #, is my guess. Also my seller seemed savvy with Paypal and had a believable story as to why he was selling it (bought too many).

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