IHOP Free Pancakes! February 24, 2009

GrubGirl is amazed by the number of free food being offered by restaurants lately. We usually don’t just focus on freebies, but this month, we can’t help it!

Pancakes (Photo by jsc)

Pancakes (Photo by jsc)

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2009, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., IHOP (aka International House of Pancakes) is celebrating National Pancake Day. This means that if you drop by a local IHOP, you can get a short stack (3) of buttermilk pancakes. Those are the most basic plain ones, on top of which you can drizzle a ton of syrup, and spread a bunch of unhealthy butter on top.

Why the kindness? IHOP is hoping you find it in your hungry heart to make a donation in support of a children’s charity, like the Children’s Miracle Network. That, or you feel too guilty just going there for a free stack of pancakes and end up ordering another side to go with it.

(Pancakes are a very low-cost item to make, and they don’t take that long to cook. So ingredient and labor costs are low. If time is money, how long are you willing to stand in line for something that I’d generally estimate at $4.00? Of course, the butter and syrup and whipped cream are additional expenses that you could take advantage of…)

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