Oprah’s KFC 2-Piece Chicken Coupon

I got me a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s new Grilled Chicken the last time they were giving it out. The skin’s still on the meat, and it’s grilled, which makes it still pretty crispy (and very salty), and the chicken is still juicy. So if you missed out last time, Oprah’s promoting a free KFC coupon that’s hot: 2 pieces of chicken (chosen by the manager), two sides, and a biscuit…for FREE! Anytime from now until May 19, 2009, except for Mother’s Day. 

Now that’s a deal that GrubGirl can dig.

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2 Responses to Oprah’s KFC 2-Piece Chicken Coupon

  1. Jen Kay says:

    We visited the KFC yesterday with our coupon, and they said that they are only taking 40 coupons per day! No where does it say on the website or the coupon that there are restrictions like this! What a bunch of crap!

  2. GrubGirl says:

    No way! What city was this in? Very good tip – just goes to show you that the Corporate Office needs an organized execution plan that gets a nod from all the franchises.

    I think Quizno’s had a worse fiasco earlier this year when they gave out free sandwiches but lots of stores didn’t honor them.

    I would hold on to the coupons and wait it out. It’s good until 5/19 so hopefully each day, there will be less interest.

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