Best Value South Asian / Indian Cuisine in San Francisco?

Tomorrow I get to dine out with some friends that are fairly new to San Francisco. Fairly new equals lived in the city less than 3 years. We’re going to Shalimar on Polk, a place that in my circles, is known for wonderful Indian and Pakistani food and value. That is, my South Asian friends love to come here.
To share other grub-worthy Indian food cheap eats with my friends, I started thinking what other places that I took for granted in San Francisco:

  • Naan-n-Curry (though unfortunately they’ve had to increase their prices while seemingly decreasing their portion sizes)
  • Pakwan (though I never go there anymore after a bad incident with chicken bones)
  • Indian Oven (a lot of people mention this…but I also don’t frequent this anymore ever since one of their vegetarian dishes looked like it was made from a bag of frozen succotash)

What other suggestions do you have for South Asian restaurants that provide huge portions, great taste, for cheap (and are in San Francisco)???

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