Benito’s Taco Shop: Hangover Mexican Food

Benito’s Taco Shop
Several locations in LA
1544 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Open 24 hours, awkwardly-shaped parking lot, cash only.

I was visiting my buddy Matt down on So-cal and had a hankering for some legit Mexican food, close by his pad. The “close by” factor led us to Benito’s for lunch.

Although there was a huge “B” placard in the window, we ventured forth. (In case you don’t know about the restaurant ratings, click here).

3 Taquitos, $2.29
They were crispy, not soggy at all, and slathered in guacamole. They tasted freshly fried, but were a bit light on the beef inside ’em. Two types of cheese were drizzled on the top…which overpowered the wimpy beef taste, so that it had more of a nacho flavor. Also having had my fair share of fresh or practically fresh guacamole, I was pretty sure that their guac came in a tub.

Fish Taco, $1.79
This was a breaded fish taco…the kind that reminds me of McDonald’s “Filet -o-fish”…and it was crispy. I could taste the breading more than I could taste the fish but…again, I expect that with a filet o’ fish taco. The salsa was fresh enough, and the mayonaisse was not overpowering. Though the amount of fish was substantial, it was not too flavorful…but again…it was probably frozen and was related to the Gorton fisherman fish so…I wasn’t too upset.

Bean & Cheese Burrito, $1.99
Yes, I was a bit greedy. The beans were refried, and there was a lot more tortilla than bean or cheese. I think Del Taco’s “under $1” menu has better bang for buck.

However, despite saying all that….since this place is open 24 hours, I’m sure my opinion would be different if I’d eaten this food half sloshed, at 2 in the morning.

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