No Name Sushi – Prices Raised?

Here’s my first attempt at a restaurant “heads up”. Note to self: remember the address and write about it right after eating there, or jot some notes down…

A friend and I went to No Name Sushi in the Mission (close to the Castro/Church) to grab dinner…I had never been before. This was a small-to-medium sized unpretentious room with some old vinyl chairs and plain tables. Note: I just tried looking up this place on Citysearch, under “No Name Sushi” and couldn’t find it by that name. Is that irony? Or just cluelessness. Hmm.

My friend looked at the menu and commented, “Wow, they’ve raised their prices.

They sell fairly traditional sushi, with some options to put your sushi over rice (I think). I didn’t notice any meat on the menu (ie chicken or salmon teriyaki).

The prices for hand rolls, the smaller 6 rolls, and the larger 2 rolls were in the $4.50-6.00 range — to me, not especially cheap sushi., but then again, I’m new to all this. (Though I must add that I have been spoiled by Miyake in Palo Alto — which I frequented as a child when they were in their first shoebox location on University Avenue…and I never ever got food poisoning there.)

We ordered a sashimi combo plate ($7.00), spicy tuna, and hamachi. There were 6 each of the average-sized rolls. The rice was fresh, as was the fish…and we ordered nothing to drink. I was still hungry at the end…though I do tend to oversatiate myself and walk out weebly and wobbly.

The total + tip = $20…so $10 a piece, with my still being hungry, which left me feeling…slightly slighted?

The quest contines for cheap + safe sushi in San Francisco (with this place being my first attempt, ok?) 😉

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