Trader Joe’s vs Amy’s Organic: Pesto Pizza

Thanks to reader Ben’s tip on the Trader Joe’s Pesto Pizza looking just like the Amy’s Organic Pesto Pizza. I had to check out the photos on the boxes to confirm this. The Trader Joe’s box is a bit small, but I’ve included both. You decide:



What do you think? I’ll try to get a bigger photo of the Trader Joe’s box soon, but from what I can see, it looks like an inverted photo of the pizza on the Amy’s box.

Look here to check out what what other frozen meals you can buy from Trader Joe’s for less than the Amy’s Organic stuff at Whole Foods.

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3 Responses to Trader Joe’s vs Amy’s Organic: Pesto Pizza

  1. Chris Russo says:

    I want to tenderize chicken breasts, then freeze them so they are ready to cook and don’t get dry. What method will hold up to freezing

  2. Grubgirl says:

    How about brining?

  3. Just found this via a Google search... says:

    …but thought I’d let you know that the Amy’s and Trader Joe’s pizzas are one and the same.

    The shape and size of the boxes match. The weight of the cardboard matches. And the nutrition information matches 100%. That’s the same pizza (at half the price)!

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