Cooking Chinese Food: Ingredients for Recipes

What I hear most frequently from readers is that you guys want more San Francisco Bay Area restaurant recommendations and some easy recipes. (Though my friends are wonderful cooks, and I have seen many a varied set of methods they use to cut things, I won’t post a video about how to use a cooking knife as it may fall on deaf ears.) So then I resort to cooking in general. And why not Chinese cooking since many of the tasty dishes you can get in the restaurant can (supposedly) be reproduced in your kitchen, whether you’ve got a gas stove or All Electric Kitchen.

I found this video that shows an excerpt of basic Chinese cooking ingredients you’ll need. The narrator is a chef first, not a voiceover specialist, so he may be a bit difficult to understand. However you will get a decent visual on what you’re supposed to buy.

To summarize, here’s the list:
– Lite soy sauce
– Dark soy sauce (who knew you should have both??)
– Sesame oil (note – NOT for frying!)
– Rice cooking wine
– Cornstarch
– White pepper powder
– Chili paste with garlic (the excerpt ends before the narrator discusses this, but you can clearly see the bottle in the lineup)

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