Costco: How to Buy Cheap Booze Without a Membership

For those of you of legal drinking age that are looking for ways to save some money on your next alcohol and liquor purchases, consider buying liquor at your local Costco. Cocktail Party

Fox News’ reported that little-known legislation in several states requires that warehouse-type retail outlets sell alcohol to non-members without requiring any additional fees:

These laws date back to the 1930s, when Prohibition was repealed. Massachusetts’ law, for example, provides that applicants for a license to sell alcohol must “serve the public need and protect the common good.” In simpler terms, alcohol sold must be available for purchase by the greater public — no membership restrictions.

You can save 25% or more off of retail prices if you need larger quantities of liquor. The article confirms that Costco is aware of this policy, but also suggests that you print out their article in case a floor worker isn’t aware of this.

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