San Francisco Department of Public Health Ratings

A reader writes in:

Just read your latest blog. So I wanted to share this with you.
Hing Lung
El Zocalo
Sushi Zone
Old Mandarin
Wow, Old Mandarin totally surprised me with their score!

Yes, grubfans, you CAN eat in clean, sanitary surroundings and still get reasonably priced food. Oh wait…both Sushi Zone and Old Mandarin ran on the high end of my mid-range. Well, yeah, at least with Hing Lung, you can see that it may not be Mr. Clean spotless. :-p

This brings up another grub destination that I was planning on visiting, Go Go Cafe. But upon reading a certain review on Yelp that mentioned:

Go Go restaurant apparently defrosts large amounts of food outside in large red tubs, and that’s disturbing to me because we live in a filthy city. Next door to the restaurant was a new building that was being constructed and the building dust from the construction as well as the filthy soot from busy 19th Avenue no doubt lands and rests on the top of the food in the tubs. If that’s not enough, the nail salon is next door, and the exhaust is pumping out nail dust and fecal matter from dog crap on the Go Go rooftop are no doubt landing on the Go Go food.

Though the DPH gave them a score of 81, I’m deciding against it. And I’m trying not to think about what makes Hing Lung a 50-ish score. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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