Boston Market October Deal: Buy a Family Meal, Get Another Chicken for $1.99

 Serena, who’s affiliated with Boston Market, wrote in to let me know of their October promotion:

“Think back 80 years to that “other” bad economic time when Herbert Hoover promised “A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.” Now, as families worry about today’s economy, San Francisco restaurants are courting consumers for their hard-earned dollars in new, inventive ways.

Boston Market for example, is responding with a new (rotisserie) chicken promise of its own.

Throughout October, every Boston Market in San Francisco is offering customers a whole rotisserie chicken for $1.99 with the purchase of a family meal (starting at $19.99) – an everyday value that includes a whole rotisserie chicken or whole meatloaf, three large (16 oz.) sides, and three cornbread. The additional rotisserie chicken stretches the offer even further and can become the protein for more family meals throughout the week. “

I don’t usually post marketing spam like this when the emailer really isn’t in touch with the Grubgirl audience. But I thought this would be a good example I could break down of why vendors should come up with better targeted marketing efforts.

  1. I have no idea where there is a Boston Market in San Francisco. Maybe in South San Francisco, I have a vague recollection of seeing it in my Target travels. But in SF? Apparently there is only one restaurant, in Potrero Hill. Whatever marketing agency took on the job of promoting this deal to San Franciscans has to do some educating, at least for someone with headquarters not in Potrero Hill.
  2. Is this really a deal, grubbers? There are 3 ways I’ll evaluate this:
    1. A whole rotisserie chicken at Boston Market is $8.29, meatloaf is $8.49. So if you were going to be buying two chickens or meatloaves anyway, with a family meal, sure that’s a bargain.
    2. A la carte, at Boston Market: 2 whole chickens + 3 large sides + 3 pieces of cornbread = (2 * 8.29) + (3 * 4.29) + (3 * 0.69) = about $31.60 . (Just buying 1 chicken plus the sides & cornbread, separately, costs $23.30). So a family meal in general saves you 16.5%, and if you wanted to buy 2 pieces of chicken, you save 58%. But would you have really shelled out $31.60 anyway, before this offer? Are you really going to pump yourselves full of those comfort-foody side dishes, too?
    3. The price of a Costco rotisserie chicken? $4.99. I think at Safeway, it’s $5.99. At Safeway, you could probably pick up some cornbread and some hot sides from their deli. Otherwise, why not pick up a some broccoli to steam? Or if you’re at Costco, grab a pre-made salad… I’d guess the total for 2 chickens and a healthy salad is under $20.

Grubbers, would you go to Boston Market to get this special? Do you even consider it a bargain? Do you even venture into chain restaurants??

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2 Responses to Boston Market October Deal: Buy a Family Meal, Get Another Chicken for $1.99

  1. Hives Remedy Guru says:

    No, my family and I never venture into fast food chains and make meal planning and healthy eating a family activity. It surprises me how much the kids have learned and I try to keep it fun, which helps.

  2. Deal or No Deal Fan says:

    I enjoyed reading your interesting yet very informative insights. I just love reading anything about eye-catching articles. Its a good deal to me!!! Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to reading your newest and most recent masterpieces!!!

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