Gardein Tasting with Chef Tal Ronnen

the_conscious_cookThis is a rare last-minute post to those in San Francisco today. Chef Tal Ronnen (a well-known vegan chef) will be cooking up food at the Whole Foods Market in Pacific Heights on California and Gough, on Thursday, Feb. 11 from noon – 2pm.

Specifically, he’ll be touting the product Gardein, which is supposed to be healthy garden-based protein. I dare not compare this to Tofurkey, and am really really bummed that I won’t be able to sample it as I’ll be on another secret assignment. However, if you’ve seen the ingredient list of some other meat-substitute makers, you’ll know that there’s some not-so-organic stuff included in other products that makes me wonder if I shouldn’t just return to eating butter and meat. Well, Gardein is supposed to contain no crap contents. Someone go there and let me know how it is!

Editor: Thanks for the clarification on the date!

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4 Responses to Gardein Tasting with Chef Tal Ronnen

  1. Kristin says:

    Saw your post and wanted to clarify the event is actually on February 11th! He is in Orlando today. Chef Tal will be in San Francisco on Feb. 11th from 12-2p at Whole Foods Market, 1765 California Street, cooking gardein and signing cookbooks. Hope you can make it!

  2. grubgirl says:

    Thanks Kristin – I’ve made the update – phew!

  3. Veater says:

    “I dare not compare this to Tofurkey”

    What do you mean by this? Gardein looks pretty similar to Tofurkey in terms of ingredients, the major exception being that Tofurkey uses tofu instead of soy protein.

  4. Banna says:

    Did anyone go? I’d love to read a report on this product. I’ve been looking for coupons or tastings and haven’t had any luck. (I did see something about an east bay vegan group giving out tastes on the streets to help people move to a meatless diet. One hopes that Gardein is a compelling substitute if it is being used like that.)

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