Meat Lover’s Special Podcast – April 17

Lucia wrote in to inform us here about an upcoming podcast taping:

I wanted to let you know about a food event/live show in the Bay Area
on April 17th in case you wanted to attend or were interested in writing
about it for your GrubGirl.

Entitled A Farmer, A Butcher, and a Chef walk into a Bar, it’s a live
taping of the podcast Get Smart Radio (, and this
month’s show is all about meat.

The featured guests this month know a lot about the subject. They include
Traci Des Jardines, Owner/ Chef of Jardiniere, and Josh Epple, co-owner of
Drewes Bros. Meats. Traci one of the most acclaimed and respected chefs
in the country, and has been honored with numerous awards including the
James Beard Foundation’s highest honor for a chef. Josh is passionate
about his meat, and he and his brother Isaac operate the oldest butcher
shop in the area, open since 1889 and a fixture in the Noe Valley

The discussion will focus on what we really understand about the trends in
eating meat, both the love and the fear associated with it. Host Deborah
Pardes (a musician and performer from the Bay area) and her guests will
connect us back to the ecology of eating meat – from the grass a cow eats,
to how its life ends for human consumption. It’s sure to affect both
vegetarians and meat lovers alike. As Chef Des Jardines asks, “If you
had to kill what you ate, what would you eat?”

It’s on Thursday, April 17th, 7PM, at the Duboce Park Café, 2 Sanchez St.,
SF CA 94114. The show begins at 7PM, and I hope to see you there if you
can make it!

Of course after quickly skimming this, I noticed no actual offer to eat or sample meat…Do they understand that all that food talk with no sampling would make me an unhappy camper? But maybe you’ll enjoy it – let us know if you go!

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