Organic Fruits & Vegetables: Best & Worst

Organic Fruit and Vegetables - Dirty Dozen

Who: Arts & Crafts site, My Paper Crane

What: They’ve created a nice little wallet-size graphic of The Dirty Dozen cheat sheet. It’s a cute little visual reminder of what fruits & vegetables have the most and least pesticides.

Why: Grubgirl realizes the importance of buying foods with less harmful gunk on their skins. At the same time, organic food isn’t exactly super cheap. This cheat sheet helps remind you where you want to focus the spending of your grocery budget, since sometimes you don’t have to pay extra to get something organic.

Original Source: For a more thorough list (but without the cute food with eyes on them), check out the Environmental Working Group’s Shopper Guide that lists out the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. (They’ve also got an iPhone app coming soon!)

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