Quizno’s Free Sub Sandwich

Another free food opportunity. This time, Quizno’s is giving away up to 1 million coupons for people that add themselves to their marketing database. Don’t put in a fake email, as you need to access that inbox to confirm a link.

Quiznos free subs

Quiznos free subs

The website’s under some heavy load once you hit the submit button – be patient and wait. It should come through. (There are 2 submit buttons – the first one to hand over your email, then from within the email, you click a link that takes you to a coupon popup window, which takes forever to load up the coupon for you to print. A lot of effort, but a sub sandwich is better value IMHO than 3 plain pancakes!

Update: For those of you techies who have privacy issues and are submitting fake names, the coupon does have a mark saying that Photo ID is required for redemption.

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4 Responses to Quizno’s Free Sub Sandwich

  1. GrubGrade says:

    Nice site GrubGirl. Unfortunately my coupon came out completely blacked with ink. Maybe I’ll use another email…hmmm.

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  3. GrubGirl says:

    GrubGrade – that happened to me, too, the first time. that actually means that the darn pop IS STILL LOADING.

    The key is to not shut the web page with the 4 “send to a friend” fields on them. You can use that page’s “Print a coupon” to try to load the pop-up page faster… Or just keep that pop-up page open and Waiiiiit.

    I think their servers are just overloaded (and IMHO I would not have created it in Flash or whatever they did, but I am not an expert).

  4. Valerie Atilano says:

    thought I would give it try.

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