Snack Foods that Lose Weight For You

An article from Bootstrapper talks about foods that burn more calories than they contain. Of course, this caught my eye as we head into the holiday grub season.

The article lists a lot of healthy vegetables and fruits that apparently take more work to digest than to eat. A few caught my eye as being workplace- or cubicle-friendly. That is, I can eat it one-handed while mousing or typing with the other. Anything too juicy that requires slurping or constant napkin holding isn’t ideal for me.

* Apple – tried and true to keep the doctor away.
* Celery – another tried & true healthy snack in many a health magazine. (But I always hate how that celery smell stays on my fingers…Pass.)
* Carrots – but eating those little orange plugs that are supposed to be carrots (you know, those over processed ones you buy in a pack) seem to be devoid of flavor. Plus it’s a little scary how consistent those bites can be. Why not do what our harried moms used to do in the days of working double duty in the office and then at home…suck it up, buy fresh carrots, peel and chop ’em into cool sticks and stick ’em into a little Ziploc bag? The taste difference is apparent.
* Lettuce – The thought of eating lettuce as a “snack”, without any yummy saucy dressing on it is discouraging. But supposedly those that really want to mess with their metabolism (oh, say, big dudes somehow on the lightweight crew team that need to mess their systems up every time before weigh-ins) swear by it. Oops, I digressed there.

Unfortunately my favorite fruit snack that passes the cubicle test didn’t make the list: the banana. It’s clean, no fuss for your fingers, and comes in its own packaging. Plus I figure it’s healthier than the M&M machine!

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