The Cheese School of San Francisco: Let’s Go, Gromit!

The Cheese School of San Francisco
2155 Powell St., 2nd Floor

In the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That and Get Off My Butt To Actually Do It” category, I learned of this school and concept from a timely Chronicle article.

Wallace’s Alter EgoA few friends and I have definitely attempted the informal and/or impromptu cheese sampling sessions, that somehow just go on and on and on. Eating cheese for us grubgals is like eating dim sum but instead of little bites of assorted dumpling heaven, it’s little bites of dairy heaven. Throw in some vino and a pack of Lactaid pills and we’ve got ourselves a rightful shindig. (Too much information perhaps?)

But these cheese professors aren’t your usual Wallace cheese eaters (like yours truly) – their bios are quite impressive and show that they could make you eat crow in any cheese-off you scoffers might challenge them too. Why, I even see one of my early layperson cooking school teachers represented. She rocked, so I know this place has some street cred!

We’d love to hear about your experiences with the school, from a grub perspective, of course. Did you get proper portion-aligned value from your course? What course did you take? What was your biggest take-away? Curious minds (and stomachs) eagerly await…

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