GrubGirl Debuts New Design

Yes, folks, you again have been on put on a starvation diet of GrubGirl posts. Why? We spent the last few weeks working with a wonderful designer (Marc Mendell over at Marc’s Design) and themers from Dizzain to roll out a fancy shmancy look for GrubGirl.

Marc had been privy to many of GrubGirl’s jonesin’ attacks for lunch food during 2008, and decided to translate his observations into visual design.

We’re still working out some compatibility kinks with our plugins, but in the meantime, check us out and let us know if there’s any places you’d like to recommend or want us to review! In this economy, everyone needs to grub, or at least think they’re getting value. 🙂

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1 Response to GrubGirl Debuts New Design

  1. Sparky says:

    This arltice achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve.

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