Cheap Eats Recipes: Meals for 3 Dollars or Less

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog called Cheap Eats that has an archive of pretty tasty recipes that you can make for less than 3 dollars.

It’s got pretty photos and some great commentary. You’ve probably created similar cheap eats recipes yourself but just haven’t really thought about it.

Next time I whip something up, I’ll try to remember to photograph it. Many of my meals can be made using ingredients from Trader Joe’s, for less than 5 dollars per meal, I’m guessing.

[Updated:] Other References:

If you can afford more than $3 per meal but still want to get great value, here are some other posts or sites I recommend. I’ll add to this as I find other great sites to share!

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13 Responses to Cheap Eats Recipes: Meals for 3 Dollars or Less

  1. schlia says:


  2. Monique says:

    I have a major cooking problem. My husband doesn’t eat veggies and he is a meat-and-potatoes kind of man. it has caused problems grocery shopping for many years. A lot of recepies calls for veggies and he want eat them.I mean the entire dish he want touch!!!
    DO you have any recipies that are cheap and I can cook?
    thank you

  3. brooke says:

    k heres the thing,.. im on;y twenty & im married with two kids & my mom never really was around to cook for us so i ate out aaa-lot! growing up. so now i dont know how to put food together that looks appetizing * tastes worth a darn, & my husband grew up country & his mom gets down in the kitchen, i mean goes ALL out!! & now were both pretty burnt out on eating out & mac n cheese… help!!i love to cook! i just dont know how to make it all go tegether & what even to make!! im a stay @home mom & he works HARD everyday i want to become the cook my kids & husband deserve!! the only real thing im good at making is stew cause alls i have to do is chop & stick in the crock pot lol PLEASE HELP ME GrubGirl!!! i am more than willing to try!!!!

  4. grubgirl says:

    Brooke – I’ve used her book before and would recommend it as a start: Aviva Goldfarb’s The Six O’Clock Scramble. Easy recipes, even tips on how to shop for things for a week’s worth of food, and realistically healthy.

    Get 2-3 recipes to practice and practice practice practice! When you get the hang of it with the recipe, you’ll have more confidence to try to add things on your own to make it your special version.

    A basic pasta + ground meat dish is a good basic, crockpot recipes work well because you can’t overcook most things, and even getting the hang of making a basic taco night dinner (with the help of a taco seasoning pack) is a good start.

    Hm, I might have to add some more Cheap Eats Recipes for y’all!

  5. Mindy says:

    don’t be afraid to ask for help! It’s a wonderful way to get close to your inlaws if they live near you. Remember your MIL is your mother now & it’s her job to inpart knowledge.. plus will spring you BIG TIME husband points..

  6. Russ says:

    Amy’s has some great ideas. I love the fact that there are so many creative ways to save money without sacrificing good taste. How about a steak meal that is under $3.00………. ……..
    This one comes in at $1.66 a plate

  7. Jen says:

    Hi Monique,
    If you meant it literally — that your husband likes [red] meat and likes potatoes — I have a great idea: Give him both!
    Brown some ground beef; put aside.
    Cook some baking potatoes, cut them a bit wide, the way you do for putting butter and sour cream in them. Instead, put the ground beef on top, top with cheese. If there are other things he likes, such as lettuce, chopped tomatoes, etc., make them available for him to decide.
    This wasn’t my idea. I saw this at a local restaurant, and thought it was a great idea. A bit pricey there, but can be made quite inexpensively, too!
    For those wanting it a bit healthier, use a different type potato and different meat. It could be ground turkey or even meat substitute, if you season it right. Add salsa to the meal, and they won’t know they’re eating healthier! LOL!

  8. Jen says:

    PS Have you heard of yet? She is local, but offers links to various coupons, has a forum, plus offers classes locally, too. Check it out!

  9. leslie says:

    Are those styrafoam or bioderadable take out boxes pictured at the top? 😉

  10. Emily Arnold says:

    This isn’t a recipe, but here’s a useful hint (at least it was for me): My stepfather hated mushrooms. He and my mother were visisting me, and I was making a spaghetti dinner. I made a sauce from scratch. I minced a lot of mushrooms and added that to my sauce. Well, my stepfather raved about the sauce and asked what was in it. I rattled off a bunch of stuff but never mentioned mushrooms, and neither did my mother. My mother just couldn’t get over it!

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