Easy Chili Dip Recipe

Next time you plan to seat yourself and some friends in front of the boob tube for some quality couch time, serve up this easy snack. It’s not exactly light on the calories or for the lactose intolerant, but otherwise it’s a must eat.

Easy Chili Dip
1 regular rectangular block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 regular can of spicy BEANLESS chili (yes, that exists)
1 bag of tortilla chips

1 pot
1 stirring spoon

Heat the chili in the pot (following directions on the can).
When the chili starts simmering, dump in the cream cheese block.
Keep stirring as the block melts into the chili.
Once the cream cheese is fully stirred into your chili, take it off the stove, put it in a bowl, and serve it immediately.
Dip the chips and enjoy!

– Thanks to Fran for the recipe

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