Healthy and Quick Recipes from CookingLight

Bookmark this CookingLight page now. They call it the Superfast list – healthy, easy, and fast recipes. I have yet to try them but I took a look at a few and they look easy enough for an amateur like me with an all-electric kitchen (AEK).

My real goal is to find recipes that are able to take its list of ingredients and not have any leftovers of them. Ok, that sounds a bit awkward. I realize that most recipes I make will have leftovers. I eat more than one serving, and recipes are for 4-6 servings, on average.

But I mean is there a cookbook or website that actually has made sure you don’t have any extra individual components left over to rot or wither away? For example, if a dish calls for 2 tablespoons of fresh parsley…you are going to have a leftover bunch of parsley in your refrigerator. Right? Same with basil. Yes, you can freeze herbs in ice cube trays. That concept still weirds me out, and as a grubgirl, I’m only using the ice cube trays that came with my apartment’s fridge, and I’m not buying new ones in cute shapes to hold shriveled basil. (This is officially now a tangent.) I tried this once many years ago and throwing ice cubes of basil into a saucepan reminds me too much of those joke ice cubes with a fake fly in the middle. Ice cubes should be clear!

Same with sour cream. There always seems to be a bit leftover. Unless you’re making the Lipton Onion Soup Dip, or some other recipe concocted by a food manufacturer, like a Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheesecake.

The point is…if you know of a consistent set of recipes or menus that lets you not have a ton of healthy ingredients left over, please let me know!

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3 Responses to Healthy and Quick Recipes from CookingLight

  1. Baker Mike says:

    My biggest pet peeve along these lines is divided eggs. I can’t stand it when a recipe requires egg whites but not the yolks, or vice versa. I’m supposed to toss half an egg? That’s why I always try to schedule 2 recipes where one requires the white and the other, the yolk.

    Call me obsessive.

  2. grubgirl says:

    Ooooh, yes, I hate it when that happens too! Of course there is also the classic hot dogs & hot dog buns mismatch that clearly reeks of inter-industry collusion… But I have not had the opportunity to purchase those items in quite a while.

    What’s an example of a 2-recipe pairing that you’ve done?

  3. Baker Mike says:

    The situation most often arises when I make my favorite cake recipe: German Chocolate Cake (you’d be amazed how many Germans don’t know what that is). The frosting takes 3 egg yolks. So I pair it, quite ironically, with a healthy recipe: Oatmeal fruit bars, which is the stock recipe from the side of the Quaker Oats box.

    Granted, the latter recipe only takes 2 egg whites, but at least I’m only tossing away 1 egg white and not all 3.

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