Possible Trader Joe’s Hot Relish Substitute?

More than one reader has lamented about the discontinuation of Trader Joe’s Hot Bell Pepper Relish. One dear reader has found what he thinks is a substitute at his local Cost Plus…in fact, he thinks it’s the exact same thing.

Since Trader Joe’s private labels much of their inventory, perhaps this is true. Can anyone else confirm this?

“I am one of many people missing the hot relish.
My wife discovered “Mezzetta express Deli-style hot bell pepper relish” in Cost Plus in Torrance CA (Los Angeles Area).
If they are not the source of the TJ hot pepper relish I would be amazed.
They also have Mezzetta sweet pepper relish which has exactly the same flavor without the slight hotness.

See mezzetta.com although they do not appear to show the products.

Best regards,

Doug G.
Rancho Palos Verdes”

Note: Mezzetta’s price list shows that 12 oz. of the Sweet Bell Pepper Relish retails for $2.92. Good luck.

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3 Responses to Possible Trader Joe’s Hot Relish Substitute?

  1. Ernie Alderete says:

    I just moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles and have been suffering withdrawal pains from not finding Mezzetta’s Bell Pepper Relish, my favorite condiment.

    I always found it at Safewy Super Market just a block down the street from my home on La Playa and Cabrillo in San Francisco.

    I thought they might withdraw the product because I never saw any marketing push for it.

    I guess I’ll just have to dice up Mezzetta’s pickled red bell peppers myself.

    That should be pretty close to the lost product:(

  2. grubgirl says:

    Ernie – what a bummer! I just checked the Mezzetta site again (it’s been a while since I visited) and to my amazement, they don’t seem to list the luscious relish anymore! I’m hoping I just missed it… However, I’ve made an inquiry….

  3. Beth says:

    A hamburger just isn’t the same with out the Trader Joe’s or Mezzetta Red Pepper Relish!!! I’m going to save this to see if anyone can find it. Trader Joe’s did have it; Walmart WAS carring the Mezzetta but that’s gone too!!!

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