What are the best burgers for grilling?

Do the contents of a good burger (for the grill, not the broiler) always have to resemble what’s in a meatloaf recipe?
Or…are the ingredients the same but the method of cooking makes them taste different?

Experts, please expound….

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  1. torani big dog says:

    IMHO ground beef that has enough fat to keep the burgers moist should be 85 percent lean. If you can, buy beef ground from the chuck, or shoulder, of the steer, which usually has far more flavor than the round or the lean sirloin. Before you work the meat into patties, season it with salt and pepper. Adding salt later doesn’t give it as much flavor. Then, once they’re on the grill, you need a moderate fire to cook burgers gently and evenly. That is until you do Kobe Beef! Now that’s a whole diff story!

    Bow Wow

  2. GrubGirl says:

    I selected this for a small birthday BBQ and it was a hit! Even the usual chicken-only meat eaters tried this out and loved it.

    The only heads up would be to make sure you cook this medium or medium-well…too much cooking and the crumbled cheese disintegrates/melts into nothingness.

    Blue Cheese Burgers from All Recipes.com

  3. Jenny says:

    Bobby Flay says to shape the beef into patties first, then add salt and pepper on each side before grilling. This makes a nice “crust” when grilled. Adding salt to the patties before shaping draws the juices out of the burger… not good!

  4. Gay says:

    I salt after preparation because meat remains juicy.

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