Slow Cooker Jook Recipe for a Cold Day

Grubgirl doesn’t want to pay for jook, but she doesn’t really know how to make it “just like Mom,”… so she found this recipe from Kathy Gibbons that offers up a method. We’ll give it a try here in our test kitchen and see if the folks in Northern Michigan can hold their own!

Update: It was pretty darn good, in terms of water-to-rice ratio! I must admit that I used Trader Joe’s “Better Than Bouillion” (blush). A really authenic cook would use plain water, and throw a chicken neck bone into the slow cooker. But alas, my craving was too much and I cut a few corners.

Looks like some fellow San Franciscans have revealed a potentially Grubgirl-worthy place to go eat jook when you don’t have the patience to make it yourself. Given our recent freezing temperatures, this sounds like a great option.

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1 Response to Slow Cooker Jook Recipe for a Cold Day

  1. Kathy Gibbons says:

    Hi, I can’t take credit for the jook recipe; while I moderate our blog, a food columnist who writes for us every few weeks named Rebecca Lindamood passed along the recipe; it’s hers.
    But glad it turned out. And funny thing is, Rebecca, while from our area, lives in New York.
    East, Midwest, West — we all gotta eat! And here, with a foot of new snow, there’s not a lot else TO do.
    Kathy Gibbons
    Traverse City (MI) Record-Eagle

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