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Quick Tips to Reduce Daily Calorie Intake

Who: Thank you, Food Network’s Healthy Eats blog!

What: Tips on easy ways to shave off some calories each day without feeling like you’re too inconvenienced. The article gives 3 ideas of how to reduce your caloric intake each day, depending on how much time (read: effort) you want to put into it.

Asking for dressings and gravies on the side just takes some verbal effort and the rest is up to the restaurant folks to handle. Another example is adding one less packet of sugar into your coffee (or your fruit dessert)… all that adds up to small changes with big effects.

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Healthier Snacking With Roasted Chickpeas

What: All natural, roasted chickpea snack packets for about $2.50 each. Four flavors are sold: Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime, and Sweet Cinnamon.

Who: Made by The Good Bean (they’re in Berkeley, CA)

  • This is a healthier alternative to corn nuts. What do I mean by “healthier”? I’m no expert but in reading the labels of a packet of the chickpeas versus a packet of cornnuts, there’s definitely less fat & calories per serving than corn nuts.
  • The Sweet Cinnamon flavor was liked by a member of the team who wanted a healthy snack alternative for her kids.
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What Fish is Safe to Eat?

I just found the National Resources Defense Council’s Mercury in Fish wallet card printout that helps you remember which type of fish typically have what types of mercury levels. In the back of my mind, I always have known that I need to eat more fish, though I can never remember which ones tend to have higher levels of mercury.

The printout also gives you recommended guidelines on how many servings you should eat (moderation is key, even with fish that can contain higher traces of mercury). It also provides some good guidelines if you want to continue eating canned tuna.

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Book Review: $5 Dinner Mom’s Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook

Who: Erin Chase, the $5 Dollar Dinner Mom

What: She’s got a new cookbook out! $5 Dinner Mom Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook. It’s a follow-up to her $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook (which Grubgirl reviewed, too)


  • A great set of tips and recipes for making healthy breakfasts and lunches that are both cost- and time-efficient.
  • Know which recipes can be made in bulk and/or in advance, so you can fit these meals into your already-hectic morning.
  • Read tips on ingredients to add to some traditional breakfast and lunch items, to give them some more life, and to get yourself out of the meal ruts you’ve gotten yourself into.
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