Review: Osteria in Laurel Heights – Bargain Italian Food

3277 Sacramento Street
(between Lyon St & Presidio Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 771-5030

After a trusted friend recommended this place as a great value, locals secret in Laurel Heights, I went to Osteria for some Italian food. My friend was right! I had always thought that, being on Sacramento Street, the bustling Italian restaurant was for higher-income budgets. Well, as another friend always says… rich people are rich ‘cuz deep down they like bargains, too. 😉

I had a pasta with meat sauce, and the price was only $1-2 more than the same thing at a Pasta Pomodoro down the street. The difference in taste was remarkable, though, so why not come here when you have some time to sit and catch up with a friend?

My friend and I didn’t make any reservations on Sunday night (though it was so busy, I will next time). However, we were seated promptly and were treated very nicely by the head floor guy. Be prepared for an even din, though not a racket, of noise. General patrons are locals, and they tend to run older or more family-like. I have no problem with that – as a Grubgirl, I’m all about the food. 🙂
The only caution I would provide for the true grubbers is that the size of the entree is not going to provide you with any leftovers for a second meal at home. In fact, I was only “just right” satiated, and I usually eat for 20 minutes more after that point. Fortunately, they do provide ample bread and olive oil for dipping. We were also treated to a wonderful emulsion of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and what seemed to be fresh pesto, so it looked like a pesto-colored hollandaise sauce. Truly divine.

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1 Response to Review: Osteria in Laurel Heights – Bargain Italian Food

  1. Ana Maria da Costa says:

    Italian food is probably the most spread one around the world. It often changes to adapt itself to the place and it happens often in the USA (in Italy you will never find an Alfredo pasta served with chicken).
    Reading your post reminds me about the quantities. In USA they are much larger than here. In Italy it happens often to have a dish where “you can see the dish = the food doesn’t cover the whole dish”. The quantities are the ones for immediate eating, and you never have leftovers. Dishes are often ordered separately, for example, a steak comes alone, you have to order a side dish.
    Ana Maria da Costa

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