Wrap Delight: B is for Banh-Mi, and Banh-Mi is for Me

Wrap Delight
426 Larkin St
San Francisco
(415) 771-3388

For those of you city workers that miss the legit Vietnamese sandwiches that frequent San Jose sandwich shops, take a break from your schedule and head here for dirt cheap grub.

Banh-Mi is the term for Vietnamese sandwiches: a generous serving of pork prepared a variety of ways (BBQ, pate, combo, etc.), some carrots, cilantro, and huge slices of fresh jalapeno peppers served in warmed French baguette.

The sandwiches go for between $2-3 — and if you happen to be kosher I suppose you could eat a chicken or tofu version. Grubgirl usually gets two if she manages to sneak all the way over near Hastings Law School for this treat.

(Side note: you can get a flu shot at the Dept. of Public Health near by, then pick up a few before you head back to work).

Cash only, takeout. And if you’re not used to burn-a-hole-in-your-tongue spiciness, best to pick out the peppers before biting into them. That, or have some alcohol or milk nearby to soak your tongue in.

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3 Responses to Wrap Delight: B is for Banh-Mi, and Banh-Mi is for Me

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  3. Mateo says:

    I find a good buuretntt squash anything really hard to resist now that it’s fall but I’m going to go with a meat option! I think the Five Spice Chicken sounds great esp with lettuce wrap!

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