Cooking Tips: Shan Spice Mixes for South Asian Meals

Remember Shake ‘n Bake from the 70’s? Well, a friend has introduced me to Shan spice mixes, which remind me of Shake ‘n Bake. These are pre-mixed spice packs for different Pakistani dishes. So although you aren’t really coating meat with these spices, you are just adding a few key ingredients to produce a legit-tasting South Asian meal.

(Here in San Francisco, you’ll notice that many Indian restaurants bill themselves as Indian & Pakistani cuisine. There are many similar dishes but Pakistani dishes do not contain pork…and they do eat beef. Think Shalimar.)

I went to a South Asian grocery tucked away in Foster City and purchased a bunch of these packs for 99 cents a box. What a bargain! Buying the spices individually takes up a ton more room and money. If there’s enough interest, I’ll dig out the exact location and post it. Stay tuned for exciting Shan recipes that my friend has taught me! A true time-saver and a bargain…

(Chef’s Note: If you do buy Shan mix and can only read English, like me, IGNORE the cooking directions on the back of the box! I have followed these directions with no success until my friend told me that they were not accurate. The recipes call for a whole bag of spices to be added, but really, you only need about 1-2 TABLESPOONS. Otherwise the dish will be way too salty or spicy!)

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3 Responses to Cooking Tips: Shan Spice Mixes for South Asian Meals

  1. Carole Weinstein says:

    I accidentally threw out the box from the Shan spice mix. I have an envelope with no directions to follow. Any ideas?


  2. grubgirl says:

    Carole – there are literally dozens of Shan spice mixes out there, and even if we knew which one to use, they are always a little “off”. The one bit of advice that I would give you? Do NOT use the whole spice pack on whatever meat you are cooking, no matter how innocent the pack looks, or how much meat you have!

    The spices are EXTREMELY spicy and pungent (at least for most Western / American palates.) Used in conservative amounts, however, with a nice starch on the side (like basmati rice), the combination does wonders for your mouth. Add a teaspoon at a time to what you’re cooking, and test carefully. Good luck!

  3. Muhammad Hamza says:

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