Los Jarritos: Delicious Chicken Mole & Sopes

Los Jarritos
901 South Van Ness
San Francisco, CA 94110
Open Daily, 9am-10pm
(415) 648-8383

We ducked in here for a late Sunday lunch while I waited for my stubborn 12-year old car to get detailed. Even at about 3pm, this family-run place was still packed.

Though the breakfasts (served any time of day) looked enticing, Francisco had told me to get the combo lunch plate. Kiko’s Combination allows 2 house specialties, plus rice, beans, a green salad, and their yummy freshly-made corn tortillas. The business lunch plate is slightly cheaper ($6.95) than the dinner plate ($10.95). However, we had special instructions to order off the menu.

They make a mean chicken mole, so ask for that and the Sopes Omar as your 2 items. They added a small surcharge for us, but we were going to split the meal up between the two of us anyway. The price and meal were perfect.

Mole (MOL-leh), is described by Wikipedia as “a Mexican sauce made from chile peppers and other spices, including chocolate.”

I’ve had it over grilled shrimp or chicken, and the sweet ‘n spicy flavor is one you have to experience.

Sopes (SOPE-ess), is described by the Mexican Food Glossary as “Miniature fried corn-dough bowls filled with beans and sauce and topped with cheese.”

Think of these as thicker tortillas with yummy goodness in them…like a savory, Mexican pop tart. Yum.


  • Hot, tasty, and freshly made entree
  • Fresh, handmade corn tortillas
  • Friendly service, clean atmosphere
  • Hearty portions
  • Good, thick tortilla chips


  • Service was a little inconsistent. We found our water glasses in need of getting refilled, more than a few times. (The glasses are kinda small.) But once we flagged people down, they were happy to oblige with a refill.
  • Service was nice, though one person seemed to think we were done with our order when we’d just sat down…maybe she was just out of it.

Want to see the menu?
Menupix: No results returned

Allmenus: Result returned…and some other suggestions, too! This was a pleasant surprise as I made a typo in the search bar, yet it still made recommendations. Having to re-tell the app that I’m looking for a place in San Francisco is still tedious, though it’s sort of getting better *grumble*. The menu they have reflects the items on the paper take-out menu that I also grabbed.

Menupages: Result returned, with both typed out and PDF-friendly versions (though the latter is not a scan.) This site also keeps having me start in New York City. Dude, I live & eat in San Francisco! Anyway…I checked out their PDF menu for this place and it lists the Business Lunch specials, that the paper menu (and thus, Allmenus) doesn’t reflect. Aha! It must have gotten access to the restaurant’s real, laminated menu. Now, no casual order placer would ever notice this. And it’s technically not these websites’ fault. But when you’re dealing with local grub, you gotta be prepared that not everyone is going to dot their i’s or cross their t’s.

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2 Responses to Los Jarritos: Delicious Chicken Mole & Sopes

  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI: http://sanfrancisco.menupages.com is the URL of the SF site. You probably want to go directly there instead.

  2. Sharon says:

    Muchas gracias GrubGirl for stopping by Uptake and mentioning Kiko’s Combo – it sounds like a great choice for my next visit!


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