Free Pizza – North Beach – Wed October 26th!!

North Beach Pizza
Best of Yahoo! Winer – 2005
1499 Grant Ave. @ Union St.

“Seriously…we’re giving away a ton of free pizza. Don’t miss out.”

No time specified, but I got this little card handed out to me at lunchtime downtown.

Editor’s Update: This will go on until midnight. You will get a medium pizza. You can not order it in advance. You don’t need a coupon but they’ll be passing those out anyway!!

This is in North Beach, so it’s not a place with great parking. However if you work downtown, it’s worth a little hike, if the weather’s right. If you’re willing to spend $1.50 on the bus, take the 41 or 15 line up Columbus street…it’ll intersect with Grant on the right-hand side a few blocks after Broadway.

Maybe Wilson the manager will be there — short brown curly hair, and always a smile and some friendly words, no matter how busy he is. (Actually, he’s usually busy a lot).

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