Boccadillos Review: Small Plates

710 Montgomery St. (a few doors down from the “it’s still in business?” Bubble Lounge)
SF, CA (North Beach)

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The price range was a bit outta the usual Grubgirl realm, but a few of the gals wanted to try out this relatively new North Beach haunt, so I sucked it up.

The one tough thing about eating tapas and small plates outside of Spain is the piddly bang for buck factor. You so don’t wanna know how much “everyday” dishes would cost if you were in Madrid or Barcelona.

But setting aside that knowledge, I had an enjoyable time here. I did find that the smallness of the plates were inconsistent, which means that some things we got were miniscule (like the mini-slider sandwich), while other small plates were hearty (ie ribs). So in my stomach’s mind, portions averaged themselves out to a middle-of-the-road size. The ceviche plate leaned towards the miniscule part of the spectrum, though the vinaigrette that was drizzled more over the persimmon slices (than the ceviche) was tasty.

The good thing about eating small plates with three other gals was that 25% of the crew was vegetarian, and, I had the biggest appetite, so I got to sample a few things that I wouldn’t have had on my own. All in all, I can remember us eating some corn salad (I could’ve made this at home with canned veggies), sliced roast beef in a tasty garlic/basil/mint/olive oil concoction, the ribs, the ceviche, the miniature slider, patatas bravas….and I can’t remember anything else.

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