San Francisco’s Styrofoam Ban…

How come some restaurants still are giving me food (at least in my fuzzy memory) in styrofoam containers?!

Maybe if some of them have the right quant jocks, they can get out of it, as Zagat’s explains.

“…establishments are required to replace it with compostable (paper- or plant-based bio-plastic) or recyclable (e.g. aluminum) products only if it is affordable to do so. Affordable in this case means within 15 percent of the cost of Styrofoam goods.”

So if X = 500 green containers,
and Y = 500 icky styrofoam containers,
what’s the formula to see if a place can still use the icky stuff without getting fined?

(Come on, readers, show me your math skillz….)

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2 Responses to San Francisco’s Styrofoam Ban…

  1. Baker Mike says:

    Speaking of Frisco regs, I went to a grocery store well within the city limits recently and they actually had plastic bags. I thought those were verboten now. Maybe the plastic bag ban has yet to take effect?

  2. grubgirl says:

    I haven’t verified thus but I think this goes into effect some time in 2008. (I just returned from a trip to Luckys…remember them? They turned into Albertson’s and now they’re back to being Luckys…sorta like AT&T and Pac Bell!)

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