Cheap Meal: Trader Joe’s Korean Beef Short Ribs

Trader Joe's Korean Beef Short Ribs on GrubGirl.comIf you’ve ever eaten a Korean BBQ dinner, you know that it does not come cheap, at least in San Francisco. Generally there’s a minimum requirement of ordering 2 servings of meat, that range in the mid-$20s each. And then you have to grill the meat yourself?

If you’re craving Korean Barbecue but want to save on meals eaten out, Trader Joe’s provides a decent alternative. So this is more accurately a cheaper option, versus a dirt cheap meal. For $7.99 (in San Francisco), their Trader Joe’s Korean Beef Short Ribs makes for a nice dinner for two. The short rib meat is raw frozen, so you still need to cook it yourself. But for 6-8  short rib strips per package, that beats a 2-person meal at a restaurant that can easily run more than $50 and leave you smelling like charcoal. Serve the Korean short ribs with a side of steamed rice and some veggies, and that’s a balanced meal.

The instructions on the bag do say that grilling the meat is best (of course!), but you can also broil it in the oven, or pan fry it in a cast iron pan or skillet. A pair of tongs helps you more easily flip the meat.

There’s been some feedback that the marinade is a tad too sweet to be 100% authentic, but I like it just fine.

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