Homemade Bread: Bake Your Own

The Simple Dollar posts an article on how to bake bread at home, on the cheap. Grubgirl has searched before for such recipes, but this one stands out with its wonderful photos. (I won’t go into details about how I was adding tablespoons of yeast instead of teaspoons, during a bad bread baking phase I had…)

C’mon, Baker Mike, you must have an opinion on the reported method? Grubbers await your commentary… 🙂

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1 Response to Homemade Bread: Bake Your Own

  1. Baker Mike says:

    Darn right I have an opinion– I HATE baking with yeast. It’s troublesome and time-consuming, and stinky to boot.

    I love baking bread though. In fact, I have made a lot of bread this very week– cranberry-orange bread, pumpkin-apple bread, and the same with butterscotch chips (better than it sounds). It’s holiday time and the cranberries and Libby’s brand pumpkin pack is free flowing. Naturally, these are all non-yeast breads and the recipes can also be prepared as muffins.

    If there’s anything on my blog that you want, let me know! (I can offer that since I didn’t photograph my cinnamon roll effort long ago — my last yeast baking effort.)

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