Chinese New Year & China Food Contaminations

Since I’m on the topic of food poisoning, another news item I heard today was about the usual inventory of Chinese New Year snacks that are usually hitting Asian grocery stores like Ranch 99. Some grocers are getting these snacks from other countries, like Vietnam, instead of China, where there have been delays due to health inspections of Lunar New Year food. (I think that’s what I heard on the radio…let me know!)

You wouldn’t want to be eating your fried shrimp chips and thinking about how they may contain melamine, do you?

Here’s an example of some banned products…and how they’re used in food…ick!!

“Among the 17 banned substances was boric acid, commonly used as an insecticide, which is mixed with noodles and meatballs to increase elasticity. Also forbidden was industrial formaldehyde and lye, used in making soap and drain cleaner and added to water used to soak some types of dried seafood to make the products appear fresher and bigger.

So when is someone going to offer a line of organic Chinese or Asian food? Yeah right, then it wouldn’t be authentic…even what your mom or grandma makes still contains something that came in a jar or can, witha ton of preservatives!

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